John Grisham

john grisham the racketeer2OK, so I hate to write anything without editing at least a few hundred times, which would explain why I’ve never really been good at blogging. Typically I make a few blogs a year, maybe 12 in total. But it’s good to try new things right?

So here goes… my first post on the fly with nothing more rigorous than a precursory read through. So what to write, what to write – there’s the fact my home just got engulfed in a fire and i haven’t written in 2 months. Then there’s I haven’t been reading sci-fi for a while. Why? Don’t know. Just thought I’d give Philip K. Dick a rest for a while and date other people, you know. So checking out Grisham. Dude ain’t half bad.

So in the last 2 months I’ve been through the Litigators, one Theodore Boone book, the Accused, and the Racketeer. The Theodore one was for Young Adults, I think. No one told me until I was like 10 pages in. Anyway, if you don’t have the stomach for YA, famous five-ish type stories you may want to give this a pass. Me, I just kept thinking why no one blew this pesky kid away with a hand grenade. Again it’s YA so he does the Hardy Boys thing and saves the day. Still, an OK read for adults.

I’ve just ordered a Time to Kill from amazon.

While I await my next Grisham I’ve (shock) gone back to my first love. Nothing overly big for now, just a collection of short stories. But who by? Well, it’s by the one and only Walter M Miller, of course. let me just say at this point that his book, a Canticle for Leibowitz is one of the best books I’ve read. So Grisham will get his day again – this dalliance with legal crime fiction seems to persist at this point, but there is still only one true love – those stories that allow us to reach out and touch the stars, to visit foreign cultures that will surreptitiously gain us insight into our own human attitudes, and stories that remain inexorably, and firmly epic in scale and unapologetic in weirdness – it’s Science Fiction, folks. And it’s what I do.

Uzor Chinukwue, 2013


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