The Mind That Father Made


Me at the park
Me at the park

Ziyi is the name of one of my characters and she’s lent her name to this blog. You can read more about her in The Mind that Father Made. At the moment I’ve one published book, The Mind that Father Madewhich is a collection of short science fiction stories. I’ve 2 more books currently in edit and 1 still very unfinished. The first, called the African Mist is also science fiction, and has taken up 5 years of my life. There have been various rewrites and submissions to editors to clean up. On the whole a massive amount of work has gone into it. I hope to complete it soon. And after an initial sample went out to a few people to test reactions I’m pretty confident i just need to retouch a few things to get it ready.  In fact I spoke with a few agents at 2013’s York Writer’s Festival and got good advice I intend to incorporate into the manuscript. The second of my projects is a departure from the Sci-Fi genre. In Hell Street I’m going gangster on the streets of London. I’m expecting to bring these projects home in the near future and hope you stay connected. In the meanwhile please see excerpts of The Mind that Father Made in the excerpts top menu.


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