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  • The Mind that Father Made is a collection of imaginative, inspiring, and challenging short stories: Operation Mars, Star Burn Bright, Dark Calls the Dark, Girl Lost, Faith, A Scarlet Virus A Scarlet World, The Mind that Father Made, and Witch Child.
  • In The African Mist Lagos city has been decimated by the purple mist virus. The city is evacuated, but developed countries still need oil for their military and social infrastructure. An imposing tower, dubbed the city complex, is built to house the people who will administer oil exportation abroad in spite of the infection. The building stands for 70 years, and gradually decays into a complex fascist state that exists outside the influence of the Nigerian Federation. Wike Ajao, is a boy with big dreams and it is his plan to move from the poverty stricken basement of the city complex, past the bourgeoisie middle sections and to the rich Upper City sector. But when he finally obtains power will he wield it well or will he just be yet another African despot? This is a story about power, about how it can change us, and about the mist that falls when it gets out of control.


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